This video describes how I make an eco boil book

I recently found out about Boil Books from a post on Instagram and quickly found Rosemary Morris on youtube. I couldn’t wait to try. All it took was foliage, water, a stove, paper, vinegar, boards to smash papers, an iron source, a heavy rock and time. For me, the juice was definitely worth the squeeze! The video shows the end results of my 2nd attempt doing a boil book using evergreens and berries. Sorry about the ‘Jazz Hands” when I get overly excited my hands wiggle.

My method of trying new techniques is to get a general how to outline then go fo it. I rarely follow any tutorial step by step. The hardest thing for me was finding wood pieces to smash the papers, that would also fit inside my boiling pot. My pot is aluminum which I have heard enhances dye colors. I remembered having bought some individual bamboo serving trays at a thrift store and wa-la! One did fall apart after the first boil but some rusted wire solved that problem and left it’s own wonderful mark. The possibilities with this technique to mark papers (fabrics are next) are endless! I have already included the fall foliage papers in a couple journals. They are a delight to work with! Happy Boiling!

Let me know if you give this a try…

My second stack of papers from my fall foliage boil book ready for the pot
My fall foliage papers after boiling for an hour and a half, water drained and waiting for it to cool off

The reveal. This part is so much fun! I don’t to wait for the papers to dry. I start looking while the papers are still damp!

My winter foliage book ready for the boiling pot. As you can see I don’t worry about a perfect fold.
My winter foliage book boiling away. I actually placed a big rock on top of this to sink it deeper into the water
Yes it does make a little mess but it wipes clean with water.
When I brought the cooked winter foliage bundle outside to dry it turned this beautiful blue! I have no idea why but sure wish the color stayed. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere… worth exploring