Sadie, Sadie married lady

This beautiful bride, Jenna, contacted me last fall and wanted to commission a wedding journal. She sent me photos of the Coffeefish pieces she had collected over the years and she was so kind and generous with compliments of my work.

At this point I had decided I would no longer do commissioned work, but she explained, “I love color, do your thing” How could I resist, she was giving me full creative license and she was such a dear, it should be fine. I started working on her journal the beginning of this month and after completing the base fabric… I froze.

“How could I freeze, she gave me all the creative license an artist could want and she loves my work”. This time I took the necessary steps to process through my freezing response and realized the obstacle… I live on high alert for the needs of those around me, I freeze when I begin to perceive (emphasis on “perceive”) what I think another is wanting/needing and I lose touch with me. I was able to finish Jenna’s journal, repeating her kind words.

Easily losing focus on me is an area I have begun working on. I am excited to see how it will impact my art!

Here is the full video of the wedding journal I created for Jenna. I am so thankful I was able to complete this request for such a precious, beautiful bride.

Jenna’s wedding journal